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Design your own mask

How to use the configurator

Use the configurator to create your own fabric mask for the competition. Upload your own pictures and motifs. Integrate your own texts and design your own fabric mask. Send us your suggestion to and take part in the competition. We are looking forward to your fabric mask design!

Configurator Interface

The interface of the configurator is clearly structured. Add pictures or texts to the interface and place them according to your own ideas. After everything is ready, you can save the design and send it to us.

(1) Ruler on / off (2) Grid on / off (3) Step next / previous (4) Fullscreen Preview (5) Zoom (6) Download Preview (7) Upload Image (8) Add Image (9) Add Text


You can upload and use images in JPG / JPEG, PNG, PDF or SVG formats in the configurator. Graphics can be edited as follows:

  • move
  • scale up/ scale down
  • rotate
  • duplicate (copy)
  • delete

(1) Add Text (2) Input field for text (3) confirm text (4) duplicate text(5) scale text (6) delete text (7) font size (8) line height (9) font family (10) text options: bold, italic, underline


You can add your own texts in the configurator. A number of fonts are available for this purpose. Texts can be adjusted as follows:

  • font familty
  • font size
  • colour
  • font options (bold, italic)

(1) add image (2) Input field for images (3) uploaded images (4) duplicate image (5) rotate image (6) delete image (7) scale image (8) image position (9) transform image (10) reset