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Lottery Background sterne gewinnspiel DSGNMASK GEWINNSPIEL Stoffmaske designen und tolle Preise gewinnen 1. Stoffmaske designen
2. Design einsenden
3. Abstimmen lassen
3. Preise gewinnen
1. 25€ Amazon Gutschein
2. 10€ Amazon Gutschein
3. Mask Buddy 3er Set
Teilnahme Preise JETZT MITMACHEN
Lottery Background sterne gewinnspiel DSGNMASK LOTTERY Design a fabric face mask and win great prizes 1. Design fabric face mask
2. Send us your design
3. Wait for vote
3. Win great prizes
1. 25€ Amazon Voucher
2. 10€ Amazon Voucher
3. 1x Mask Buddy 3 Set
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Premium fabric face mask check pattern
Premium fabric face mask flowers pastell
Premium fabric face mask muertos elegant
Premium fabric face mask check pattern grey

dsgnmask fabric face masks Lottery

A new competition every month! Create your own fabric mask, send us your design and with a bit of luck win great prizes at the end of the month.

What is the dsgnmask lottery?

The dsgnmask lottery gives everyone the opportunity to design their own fabric mask and to vote for the design later. To design the fabric mask we offer you our fabric mask configurator. You can use it to design your favorite mask and send us the design by e-mail. The finished design will be published on a voting page where you can vote for one month. At the end of the month, the three candidates with the most votes will win a prize. The mask with the most votes will also be offered in our shop from now on.

How does the lottery work?

design fabric face mask

Design your own mask using our fabric mask configurator. You can let your creativity run free. Here you can read which designs are allowed.

Submit and vote

Save your finished design and send it to us by e-mail or contact form. After that we will vote on all submitted designs for one month.

Win prizes

The three candidates with the most votes at the end of the month are our winners. The design from the first place will also be sold in the shop from that date.

What can be won (Prizes for July 2020)?

Amazon Gutschein 25€

1. Prize

25€ Amazon Voucher
Your Design sold in the shop
Fame & Honour

Amazon Gutschein 10€

2. Prize

10€ Amazon Voucher
25% Discount Shop Voucher

Mask Buddy Farbmix

3. Prize

1x Mask Buddy Color Mix 3-Set
25% Discount Shop Voucher

Questions and answers about the Lottery (FAQ)

All persons of full age are entitled to participate.

Use our fabric face mask configurator for this. You can upload all motifs and designs and use them in the configurator. Please note our terms of use when using designs.

The vote on the designs is public. Everyone has access to the voting page. For example, you can ask friends and family to vote for your design. Every natural person is allowed to vote exactly once.

Our lottery is restarted every month. The winners will be informed by us at the beginning of the month. The closing date for entries is always the last working day at the end of the month. After that the participation for the following month starts.